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New Normal

Meredith Albert

We’ve over-shopped, over-eaten and over-slept through the holidays.  All in good fun and all for a good reason.  Now, we get back to normal.  But not just any normal - a normal filled with new goals, new plans and a new outlook on the year ahead of us.  The potential is there, we just need to harness it!  Even if it means that it will be, or look, different than it was before.  


Sebastian McCall Jeans is looking forward to another great year.  We’ve learned that even with the evolving fashion industry and expanding ways people can shop for clothes, everyone still wants great service, especially when it comes to shopping for jeans.  This year, we will continue to focus on bringing you the best service and the best products.  It’s what you know us for and it’s what we do best.  Here’s to a great looking and fitting 2019!

Happy 2019!

Meredith Albert

There are years that are transitional years, growing years, painful years, milestone years, and maybe little of everything.  The beauty of a new year is that you can begin again, start over or make the next one even better and grow from what you’ve learned.  It’s the journeys in life that we most remember and cherish…who we were with, what we were doing and where we went. 


We wish for you that 2019 is everything you want it to be.  That every goal you set you accomplish, that every milestone you reach for is met and that every wish you hope for you receive.  And that through it all, you never forget of the journey.  Thank you 2018 and to you all for being on this journey with us.  We look forward to where it will take us next!!

Pantone 2019 Color - Living Coral

Meredith Albert

There was Rose Quartz and Serenity, Greenery then Ultra Violet, and now there is Living Coral.  Pantone, a company that specializes in pigments and ink colors, has released its 2019 color of the year – Living Coral. Describe by Pantone as a “coral hue with golden undertone[s]”, this color was chosen for its lively, yet soft hue.  Coral is not a new color in terms of existence.  Many of us have seen this color in nature or even have a version of this color somewhere in our closet or our home.  The color of the year is simply a color that Pantone chooses to represent a snapshot of their observations of our culture and current events.


Pantone believes that Living Coral represents our playful nature.  It’s vibrant and energizing, yet is rooted in warmth and nature.  It’s a lively color, yet not overwhelming.  You can bet that you will be seeing this color expressed in fashion and in design, if you haven’t already.  It’s a pretty color and its undertone allows for dynamic color combinations.  In fact, with the color of the year, Pantone also issues color palette combinations to show how Living Coral can be incorporated into your design or fashion choices. 

All of this should be taken as merely lighthearted information. Think of Living Coral as a new color to explore if you haven’t already.  After long, dull winters, this may be the color to liven up your spirit for the spring!  Remember, fashion is meant to be fun and playful!

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays 2018!

Meredith Albert

Happy Holidays!!!  We’ve made it.  While there is still some time left for last minute gift shopping and preparations, hopefully the bulk of it is complete.  The lights are on the tree with gifts piling underneath, and accommodations are being prepared for families and friends that are coming.  It seems the ball has been rolling and we haven’t had a chance, until now, to do some year-end reflections.

Oh, what a year it has been!  So many changes in life and in business.  Through it all, we’ve been grateful for the lessons and experiences.  Change is good, even if it’s different.  It’s growth.  It’s movement forward.  We are thankful for your support over the years as we have evolved into a better brand and company.  We will always work hard to bring you the best in fashion and style.


From everyone at Sebastian McCall Jeans and Charlie’s Jeans, we wish you a very happy, safe, and warm Holiday!!!

20 Years!

Meredith Albert


This year marks a special year for Charlie’s Jeans… it is our 20th Anniversary!  Yesterday, December 6th , marked the official 20th year.   As you know, Charlie’s Jeans is the official retail location for Sebastian McCall Jeans.  However, before there were Sebastian McCall Jeans, Charlie’s Jeans was a retail store of mostly women’s and men’s dress and work clothing.  As the industry evolved into denim, so did Charlie’s Jeans.  Our jean selection and fitting service popularity grew.  It was through interaction with our customers that we were able to see what our customers were looking for in jeans and how they wanted them to fit. From this, we created Sebastian McCall Jeans. 

Since then, Charlie’s Jeans has been fitting women and men in their perfect fitting Sebastian McCall Jeans.  What began as a little boutique in the Northern Liberties neighborhood, grew to become Philadelphia’s ultimate denim store.  Our location in Old City has been our home for nearly 20 years.  At Charlie’s Jeans, we service our customers, helping them find exactly what they need and want in jeans.  We fit you in your perfect Sebastian McCall Jeans, from the first pair on.  We have strived to provide you with premium products and excellent customer service. 

We thank you for your support and patronage through all of these years. 

Happy 20th Anniversary, Charlie’s Jeans.   

Gifts for Men

Meredith Albert

Last week, we helped you check off some of the women on your holiday gift list.  This week, we will focus on men.  If you are looking for a gift other than your typical sweater, cologne, flannel PJs, dress shirt or tie for your brother, husband or father...  jeans may be it!  Men’s jeans have come a long way in fit and style from what they used to be.  If the man/men in your life are still stuck wearing an outdated jean that doesn’t do much for their look, upgrade their jeans this holiday season!  We don’t expect them to start wearing trendy skinny jeans or distressed jeans right away.  However, you can ease them into a more contemporary styles such as the Sebastian McCall straight leg jean.


This jean fit is a more modern cut of the “classic fit” that has been the most popular and universal fit in men’s jeans across many standard brands.  Unlike the “classic fit,” the straight leg jean fits more tailored to the body.  It has the same width of leg from the thigh to the ankle and does not taper at the ankle like the skinny jean.  Men love this fit of jean because it provides the ultimate in comfort without sacrificing style.  They like that it looks modern, yet not too trendy.  It’s essentially an updated “classic” jean.


We get it, it’s not always easy finding the perfect gift.  This is one way you can update something he already loves to wear!  

Happy Holiday Season!

The Perfect Gifts for Her

Meredith Albert

It’s official.  The holiday shopping season is here!!  We’ve already seen some early shoppers.  However, we know most of us haven’t started yet.  At the very least, we’ve created our list of people to get.  If your list is anything like ours, it’s long.  Don’t fret.  We’ve got you covered!  We have a gift guide with gift ideas for your friends, sisters and mom.  If you sneak a gift for yourself, we won’t tell. 


There’s nothing like feeling warm and cozy during the winter.  Our hats and scarves are the just the items to help you feel that way.  Our woven wrap and infinity scarves are super soft and warm.  They come in two different print colors and are the perfect functional, accessory to your outfit.  Aside from looking cute, you’ll be very warm.  Top it with our beanie hat – the ultimate, stylish winter hat (which also comes in several colors).  These are the perfect gifts to give because they’re one size fits all and super stylish.


When it is cold out, warmth often supersedes style.  Every once in a while, we find pieces that function as both.  Our faux wrap sweater is that piece this season.  It’s long sleeve, made of a cozy warm fabric and the body style is both sexy and flattering.  It’s our most popular style in tops this season and comes in several colors.  Nothing pairs better with this shirt than one of our jeans.  Sebastian McCall Jeans are the ultimate fit in jeans.  We don’t compromise style to achieve our perfect fit.  We have various washes and rises including the currently popular high rise style.  Click here to get yours or visit us a Charlie’s Jeans, in Old City Philadelphia, to get fitted by us.  We take the hassle out of shopping for jeans and fit you in the perfect pair the first time. 

So get your shopping started with us!  We'll help you cross off some from your holiday list so you'll have more time to enjoy and celebrate the season!!

We Give Thanks...

Meredith Albert

This year has gone by, which feels like, in the blink of an eye.  Thanksgiving is here and so are the holidays!  Usually, we feel like we’ve had time to prepare.  However, this year it seems like it snuck up on us.  So we’ll get straight to the point….Thank You!


There is so much to be thankful for.  First and foremost, we are thank for our health and that of our family and friends.  As much as we love and talk about fashion and clothes, none of it would matter if the people around us couldn’t enjoy it.  It is their support and love that gives us the strength and push to move forward and grow.  Also, we are extremely grateful to you, our customers.  For nearly 20 years (more to come on this topic), you have helped shape our business and brand into what it is today.  We listen to your feedback and comments to create the best products and give you the best service.  In this evolving industry of fashion and commerce, we appreciate your continued patronage and look forward to continue bringing you the best fitting jeans and unparalleled service!   

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and great food!!  And don’t forget to get your perfect fitting Sebastian McCall Jeans for the ultimate Thanksgiving outfit!! 

Tuck or Cuff?

Meredith Albert

This chilly weather is giving us all the fashion feels.  I know you hear us say that each season is our favorite season, but really, Fall is probably the best when it comes to fashion.  Right now, we can’t get enough of our jean and boot looks.  They go perfectly together like apple pie and ice cream.  We are loving all of the boot styles this season.  That being said, there is one style of boot that people love but sometimes, are stumped on how to style it with their with jeans.. the bootie.  Why do we have such a hard time styling our jeans with this boot type?  The confusion usually centers around whether we should tuck or cuff our jeans with booties.  We have seen varying answers to this dilemma.  We’re here to tell you, you can get away with doing both.  Obviously, the style of jean matters.  For now, we’ll stick with styling our most popular fits and the ones most people tend to wear booties — a skinny jean and a straight jean.


The Skinny Jean

This is probably the easiest jean to work with and style. The length of this jean fall and fits close to the ankle. It easily tucks in to any kind of boot. A tucked in skinny jean into an ankle boot can give your legs an elongated look. Cuffing your jean is also an option.  Choosing between a simple or dramatic cuff is a matter of personal preference because they both look great with a bootie. In fact, a cuffing can add a nice detail to your look. 


Straight Jeans 

Unlike skinny jeans, straight jeans are a little looser around the ankle. More often than not, straight jeans are also some in varying lengths.  Even though these jeans are not snug on the ankle, straight jeans can still be tucked into an ankle boot.  Some, may think it can look frumpy that way.  However, we think when done properly, it give a more rugged look to an outfit. Similar to the look of combat boots and jeans.  If that is not your thing, then cuffing is what you want. Whether you cuff once or do a double roll, similar to the skinny jeans, cuffing can add a nice element to your look. Just make sure not to cuff too high because you don’t want to shorten the look of your leg. The cuff should fall right at or slightly above the height of the bootie.  

There are other styles of jeans that work well with booties including cropped jeans and frayed jeans.  In those instances, you want to length to fall just at or slightly above the bootie.  There are also different types of cuffing if you can believe it.  Some are symmetrical and streamlined, others are more slouchy cuffs.  Either way, the fun is in playing with what you like best, and that can change with each outfit and wear.  The point is try something new and different!  

Festive Jeans

Meredith Albert

We are headed into the holiday season.  We can’t believe those words are coming out of our mouths now, but it’s true.  It’s still hard to believe and even wrap our heads around.  Halloween is over and that means the push for holiday prep is in full swing.  However, this will not be a holiday post.  Not that kind.  Not yet.  This is more about you.  Preparing yourself for all of the festivities, pre-festivities and post-festivities you may partake in.   It’s never too early to prepare for that.  Below are our two jean recommendations to get you through the festive season.  


Skinny Jean in Onyx

This mid-rise jean is the all-start of the holiday season.  It is perfect for any occasion where you want to dress up, stand out and look chic.  The black, wax coating gives the jean a look of leather yet is the fit and fabric of your typical jean.  This jean will elevate any look.


Moto Skinny in Galaxy

We chose a darker blue jean because it can easily can be dressed up or down.  We chose our moto style fit because this jean just screams style.  It doesn’t take much to create an outfit with this jean.  It anchors any look and  is super chic when worn with heels and a leather jacket.

Chances are, you will be heading to more than one holiday party this season.  Even if it is just a girls’ get-together.  Not every occasion will call for a dress.  In many cases, a great pair of jeans will work just as well!

Fall Layers

Meredith Albert

Now that the fall chill is in the air permanently, this is the perfect time to get creative and experiment with fashion.  You need the perfect ensemble to get you through these days where temperature is cold, then warm, then cold again.  You need layers that you can remove as the day slightly warms up without compromising your look.  This is where your layering skills kick in.  Sure, you can throw on you average cardigan or blazer to achieve a look. But we think you can play more with the clothes you have in your closet to elevate your look. 


Start with a strong base layer.  Something that on its own is basic but will keep you warm and great for layering. Think turtlenecks or simple button down shirts.  Then add a statement accessories such as a cute hat or scarf.  These serve as an accessory and add a layer of warmth. Now add a fun covering such as a wooly sweater or a furry jacket to your outfit.  This is your chance to play with different textured fabrics, brighter colors and bolder patterns.  If your base layer is bold or bright, keep the outer layer more simple.  Just like with all fashion, it’s a balance. Remember, it’s about practicality and fun.


We’re in the peak season for layering.  Use this opportunity to play and experiment with your clothes. Soon enough, it will be too cold to show it off.

Casual Wear: Women

Meredith Albert

TGIF!  If you are like most people, this phrase is music to your ears.  The calm and relief you feel when you get to Fridays is what you’ve been looking forward to all week.  What is the first thing you will throw on when you get home?  Several years ago, I could have predicted what you would say.  There was a point in fashion where the concept of casual wear fashion was all alike.  Nowadays, this answer can be different for everyone. 

Which brings us to our question, what is your go-to weekend outfit?   


There was a time when jeans were the ultimate casual clothing option.  After a work week of wearing suits, slacks, skirts or dresses, you couldn’t wait for the weekend to come so you could throw on and lounge around in your jeans.  They were comfortable and practical.  Then, casual Fridays came along.  No longer was denim relegated to weekends only.  Businesses were allowing employees to wear denim on Fridays.  Eventually, it led to a more “work” casual approach with office attire.  In fact, a good number of companies, today, allow denim to be worn everyday with the expectation that you are not meeting with clients and that the denim jeans look appropriate, meaning not sloppy, not distressed, and darker in color.  That spawned a new normal for weekend wear…athleisure wear.  Work-out clothes such as leggings, yoga pants and the like, became the new comfy, casual weekend outfit.  This trend is still prominent.  

However, we have been noticing its popularity shift slightly.  People are looking to elevate their weekend clothing game.  We are seeing less athleisure wear worn as an actual outfit of the day.  Instead, there’s been an increase in demand for more jeans again.  Don’t get us wrong, athleisure isn’t going anywhere.  It is here to stay.  However, we are seeing people wanting to get back more into the denim game.  People are wanting to diversify their looks - something that denim jeans allow because of their versatility.  And the options are vast.  Trends in denim that used to come and go are now staples in wardrobes.  The high-rise fad in jeans that everyone thought would surely not take off and fall flat on it’s face is actually still going strong and there are no signs of it going anywhere.  Much like the skinny jean, it likely will become a staple and part of the collection of jeans everyone should own.  

For us, denim is everything.  It feels good and it looks good!  Sure, we have our athleisure apparel and dresses and pants and skirts and more.  But nothing compares to wearing a great pair of jeans!  It’s our go-to!  Make it yours, too!

Street Style: Men's Jeans

Meredith Albert

Life is about seeing and doing.  It’s about having experiences and taking advantage of opportunities.  Sebastian McCall Jeans is a brand founded on being and looking your best.  That best is different for each of us.  We often feature a blog post dedicated to photos of everyday people wearing our jeans called "Styled by You."  It give us and you a chance to see how our jeans are being worn, how they are being styled, and where people are wearing them to.  It’s one of our favorite posts to put up.  Whether you are a professional athlete, a lawyer, or an artist chasing your dream, these folks are living their passion and managing to do it all in their Sebastian McCall Jeans!


Service Is Of The Essence

Meredith Albert

Shopping for clothes nowadays is a transient experience.  You spend a little time searching for items online, you click the purchase button, and you get your package.  Don’t like the fit of something? You send it back.  There are also subscription services that send you clothes based on a profile you complete - you keep and pay for what you want, and you send back the rest.  No interaction or conversations.  Just the click of buttons.  


Many things have changed this way.  We hardly go to a movie theater because in about a week, it will be streaming on a digital site.  We don’t need to go to restaurants to eat their food because there are delivery services that will pick it up and bring it to you.  There is nothing wrong with how technology has made these things more accessible.  We are also one of these companies that has placed some focus on our website to make it the best and easiest experience to buy jeans.  We don’t deny that.  The question is, do we miss the old way, sometimes?  No longer do people spend a Saturday dedicated to hanging and shopping with friends.  It was a shopping and social event at the same time.  Do we miss this?

Retail stores still exist.  And for good reason.  There is something about going into a store to browse.  Being able to touch and feel fabrics.  Being able to compare colors and fit in real life.  Being able to ask a store associate a question and get an answer right away.  Being assisted with finding styles and sizes and getting recommendations.  Trying on and leaving with your purchase, in hand.  Instant gratification.  It was about the experience.  Stores haven’t lost this.  People who only shop online may have.  Sebastian McCall Jeans is partnered with Charlie’s Jeans in Philadelphia.  The store was just voted Best Shop in Philadelphia with a specific focus on denim.  It mentions how the staff are able to fit you in your perfect fitting jean.  No hassle.  It helps that Sebastian McCalls are the best fitting jeans!  However, the service the staff provides definitely makes finding jeans easier and makes the experience more pleasurable.  If you are still one of those who folks who appreciates the service you get when you go shopping, stores like Charlie’s Jeans are waiting for you to come in to help!

Fall Rotation

Meredith Albert

There’s no doubt that fall is here.  We are well into our more structured routines and schedules.   The streets are busier with folks back to work and kids back in school.  Stores are smelling like pumpkin spice and fully stocked with warmer clothes in fall colors.  Even the weather has slightly cooled off.  Just slightly.  While this transition period is one of our favorites, it can be a bit confusing when you’re trying to figure out what to wear.  That’s because days are still warm, even hot.  Yet nights can cool off enough where we may need a light sweater or jacket.  The key during this time is to keep a constant rotation of some summer clothes and some fall clothes.


When you think about it, this time of year is when we get to dabble into fall seasonal clothes without the cumbersome nature that much colder weather clothes can sometimes feel like.  Short sleeves are still appropriate to wear, especially in deeper earth tones, or jewel colors.  Ankle boots and cooler weather fabrics like faux leather are also perfectly fitting during this time.  Darker jeans are a must, so go get them out from the back of your closet and work them back into your clothing repertoire.  Scarves and wraps can work double duty, as accessories or functional coverings to keep us warm. 

When in doubt, just keep the right balance.  Don’t sway too much into either season.  Layering will especially help while the weather is still finicky.  Eventually, the temperature will moderate and picking the right outfit will go back to being more simple and predictable.  

Three Essential Men's Jeans

Meredith Albert

Just like for women, there are staple jeans every man should have.  They are essential to any wardrobe just like a nice suit, dress shirt, nice belt and shoes and a plain white T.  Jeans will be the most versatile item in his wardrobe.  Also similar to women, men’s jeans come in a variety of fits, washes, colors and styles.  All are worthy of closet space.  But which ones are a must?  We’ll take you through the three we think are absolutely necessary.  Any others would be icing on the cake.


Dark Blue Jeans  

Dark blue jeans for men a like nude heels for women.  They are extremely versatile, will go with almost anything paired with it and can be dressed up or down.  A great pair of dark blue jeans can be styled in different ways to fit the occasion.  Whether it is t-shirt and sneakers hanging out casual or button down, blazer and shoes date night.  Dark blue jeans are very flattering on and gives an outfit a sleek look. 


Black Jeans

Just like dark blue jeans, black jeans are also versatile because of the dark color.  They too, can be dressed up or down and are sleek looking when worn.  But black jeans can take it up a notch when it comes to style.  When paired correctly, black jeans can give you an edgy look.  Try black jeans with black boots and great, leather motorcycle jacket and you’ve just elevated your look.  


Classic Medium Wash Jeans

This is your go to jean when you don’t want to think.  Its your comfort, no fuss jean.  It’s your throw on in a hurry to leave jean.  It’s your grabbing a beer with the guys jean.  It’s the sweatpants of jeans.  There are many varieties of this jean alone.  Some with mild distressing, some with fading and whiskers and some with rugged, worn pocket, knee and hem edges.  This is the ultimate casual jean.  

Fall is just upon us and this is the perfect time to find these jeans.  Charlie’s Jeans, in Philadelphia, has all of the new fits, colors and styles in store now.  You can also pick up these styles here.  Let us help you find your perfect fit in the three essential jeans you need for your wardrobe. 

Fall Mood Board

Meredith Albert

You’ve likely heard of mood boards.  It’s where you take a board of any material and place images, fabrics, colors, shapes, etc for a particular project.  It allows you to see in one place, the theme or story for the project.  You can add, replace, or take away as much as you want, until you complete your vision for the project. Mood boards are used in many industries especially those involving design.  They can be in digital or physical format and the layout is all subjective.  

This had us thinking…this would be a great idea for creating our fall wardrobe!


How many times have we told ourselves that we want to have a specific fashion look for a season, or we want to add new styles, ones we don’t often try or wear, to bring variety and energy to our wardrobe?  Pulling it together can seem complicated, too much work, or just hard.  With a mood board, gathering the information and components now, and adding to them as the season progresses will set you up for when you are actually ready to build your wardrobe!  

Don’t know where to start?  Try with just one fall color - let’s say maroon.  Begin to build around it with different fabrics in that color, add swatches with complementary colors, and cut out or pin images with clothing and accessories that will form looks that meet your criteria.  Just keep building until the board represents the look or style you are going for.  In the end, you not only will have an artistic storyboard, you will have a template to guide your shopping!  

Happy Fall Shopping!!!

Summer Sentiment

Meredith Albert

It’s hard to say goodbye to summer when the weather is still warm, the sun is still brightly shining, and there is still light out during dinnertime.  Mentally, we have to adjust, even though physically, things seem the same.  Summer 2018 was a lot more tranquil.  Which is ironic because it also felt like it went by much faster this year, or so it seemed. No grandiose events or vacations.  Just a lot of casual and carefree time spent with family and friends.  And now that we feel like we were just getting our stride, we are at the end.  That always happens, doesn’t it?!


There are so many things to look forward to in the fall - we’ll get into that in our next couple of posts.  For now, as we think back over the past couple of months and how much fun we had, who we had it with, and all that we did, our summer was pleasantly full and fun!  We managed to get in simple, summer pleasures and in the end, they all added up to a great season.  With that sentiment, we will thoroughly enjoy this last summer weekend and are ready to embrace the changes that fall promises to bring!  

Subtle Changes

Meredith Albert

We are starting to see it already - transition pieces are making their way into the end of summer fashion for some people.  It’s been subtle, but noticeable… the bootie sandals, the longer sleeves rolled up, and the longer, darker jeans.  The hot, humid, summer weather has even lightened up this week.  All signs that the new season is upon us.  Shoppers are browsing the fall fashions in the stores and are picking up some transition pieces.  You’ll hear a lot about transition wear as we ease into the new season.


Transition wear can be the best of both worlds. (Except during winter when you want to burn your sweaters waiting for spring… just kidding!)  The transition season lets you still enjoy the season you’re in while dabbling just a bit in what’s to come.  You can do this with fall colors like auburn, shoes like suede sandals, accessories like scarves and more.  It allows us to play with fashion in a unique way without fully committing to one season or the other.  We’ll be honest, we don’t want summer to end quite yet.  But the new fall fashions we are seeing are quite beautiful.  Even just the fall colors are drawing us in!  So, dabble if you must!

Taking Summer Cues

Meredith Albert

We are relishing our final summer days.  And while we kind of turned our backs to fall at the beginning of the month, we may or may not be looking over our shoulders with just a slight interest in what is to come.  It’s not that we want fall to come faster.  No, we want to enjoy as much of summer as we can get.  We just can’t help it!  We are inundated with so much back to school, back to regular work hours, back to the grind of schedules... it is impossible to ignore!  In fact, in many warmer states, everyone is already back in this mode with kids having started school this week.  So, how do we transition gracefully?  We can take some cues from the way we live in the summer.


You can start by continuing to stay in the moment.  It seems that when September comes, we hit the ground running - over-scheduling our lives, always looking to the next thing, while over looking the right now.  Summer brings out the “stay present” mindset.  Why not keep it as long as possible?  There are so many things to enjoy about fall... even the time now, as we transition into fall.  Let’s savor and relish each day, if possible, whether we are doing summer activities or a little preparing for the next season.  

Even when fall comes and we get back into our routines and our calendars fill up, let’s leave in some “maybe” options.  During the summer, there isn’t as much structure to our days, to our plans, or to our time.  We participate in things when we want to, we live for the spontaneous trips and activities, and we release the stresses of having to do something or go somewhere.  That feeling of freedom is happiness.  Don’t lose that!  When possible, leave days or time open for some spontaneity.  Give yourself the options of doing something or nothing. This will be especially helpful when the holidays start approaching.  

If you try these things, the transition of seasons may be easier than you think.  You’ll learn to live and enjoy, and not just survive, through it.  That, is a state of happiness.  

Happy Summer!