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Summer Kickoff

Meredith Albert

While it feels like it took forever to come… summer is here!  Kind of.  Although it’s not technically summer, Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer and everything that summer brings including fun, relaxation, and travel.  For one, the weather feels warmer and the sun shines brighter.  Many activities and projects for work and school start to wind down.  Instead, outdoor festivals, beach trips, and playdates at parks fill our calendars.


We also unofficially kickoff the barbecue season and indulge in summer foods like juicy fruits, summer salads, fresh corn, ice cream and other delicious summer treats.  Memorial Day Weekend is also usually the first time many of us will head to our local beaches, pools or lakes since the summer before.  Wearing white is no longer a “faux pas” although who really adheres to those fashion rules anymore?  But in the event you were wondering, this weekend is the perfect weekend for white!  It’s almost like the holiday uniform… white jeans or shorts and a blue or red top.  Celebratory and stylish.  

As you’re out celebrating the unofficial start of summer with official summer activities, you can also celebrate this American holiday with American made Sebastian McCall Jeans.  A perfect fit for the weekend and summer!

Basic Needs

Meredith Albert

It seems April showers have moved into May.  The weather outlook is a little dreary, although we are thankful that the temperature is remaining moderately warm.  This is definitely t-shirt and jeans type of weather.  Or what about tank top and jeans weather? 


Tank tops are usually an afterthought when it comes to shopping for clothes.  We have them, use them, and need them, but we don’t actively and as excitedly run out and go tank top shopping.  It’s the item you often add to your cart right before you check out.  Yet, if you can’t find one when you need one, it the biggest pain!  

Why?  As simple as a tank is, it is super versatile.  If we really thought about how much we use tanks tops, we might think differently of its stature in our wardrobes.  A simple tank top works pretty much perfectly under just about anything…a collared shirt, overalls, jean jacket, etc.  And of course, during really hot days, it’s one of our go to summer tops.  Sure, there are ones with prints, ones made out of  fancy fabrics, and others with embellishments.  However, our favorite one is the simple white tank.  One of our favorite looks is a white tank, black blazer and jeans.  You can rock this look with just about any shoe for any event.  It always looks stylish, classic, and suitable.  Tanks tops are a no brainer to stylize and can save you in a pinch.  

So don’t wait until the heat of the summer to start wearing your tank tops!  You can get a lot of use out of them now.  You can wear them as a layering option during the spring weather, and they are perfect for the day and night.  While it’s a basic item, it’s also a must have.  So, next time you’re in the check out aisle, don’t hesitate on that tank top purchase! 

Celebrating Moms

Meredith Albert

In just a few days, we will be celebrating moms.  We will celebrate everything they do, sacrifice and accomplish for their families.  We will thank them and tell them how much we appreciate everything they’ve done for us.  And if you are blessed to be a mom, you will be the recipient of such gratitude.


We don’t always wait for this day to tell them this, but it’s the day we try and go the extra mile to make them feel super special and celebrate this one role of many that they have.  No matter how old you are, the advice, comfort, and love of your mom is never too much.  In fact, don’t we all, maybe just a little, find relief when we are with our moms, because we know they are looking out for us?  Similar to the way you always have your eyes on your children.  Regardless of where you are or who you’re with.  It’s instinctual for moms.  

So moms, as you are being celebrated this year, we hope you truly know how much you are adored, cherished and loved!  Enjoy your day. 

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Sebastian McCall Jeans 8 Years Later...

Meredith Albert

This week, we celebrate Sebastian McCall Jean’s anniversary!!!  For eight years, we’ve strived to bring you the best fitting American made jeans.  In a recent post, we spoke about all of the fundamental details that we obsess over when making our jeans.  That was to give you some insight into how important every element is to us when we make Sebastian McCall Jeans. 


When you remove trends, colors, distressing, and other fashionable characteristics that we do to reinvent the basic denim jean from season to season, at the core of what people look for in all jeans is a great fit.  Our brand was created to perfect the jean fit.  No matter the silhouette, style, or body type, we wanted every jean to fit perfectly and we knew that everybody could find their perfect fit in a jean.  Today, and for the future, Sebastian McCall Jeans will continue our mission…bringing you the perfect fitting jean! 

It's In The Details

Meredith Albert

Not all jeans are made the same.  We know this.  We can see the difference… we can feel the difference.  But really… what actually separates one pair of jeans from another?  Is it the details?  Details like the quality of denim fabric, stitches per inch, thread count, twill weave, rivets, fabric spinning, etc.?  The cut?  The fit?  It’s actually all of the above.  They are all important components that are used in the construction of a pair of jeans.  These are details that you may overlook or not pay attention to, but details that can and will make a difference in the final denim product.  Should this information ultimately matter to you?


The answer is yes.  Let’s start with our goal when shopping for jeans.  When we look for a pair of jeans, our first goal is finding the perfect fit.  Without this, nothing matters.  No matter how expensive, inexpensive, hand made, or detailed the jean is, if it doesn’t fit right, we aren’t buying it.  And jeans are one of the few items that we refuse to compromise fit on.  Maybe that’s why jean shopping can seem daunting.  Our expectations are high and unwavering. 

It’s also in the details that we pay less attention to.  Like the color of the stitching which can define the shape of a jean, the placement of rivets, which are used to reinforce certain areas of the jeans, or the quality of fabric that will determine overall fit and lasting quality.  While most of us aren’t inspecting our jeans for the details mentioned above when we buy a pair, these elements are some of the most important components that go into making a quality jean fit great.  They are the details that, all together, make the best pair of fitting jeans.   When any of these aspects are omitted, curtailed or skimped, we can see and feel the difference in the jean.  At Sebastian McCall Jeans, we don’t compromise on any part of the development of our denim.  The perfect jean fit is the foundation of our jeans and our brand. 

Monochromatic: Navy

Meredith Albert

We love monochromatic looks.  That should be no surprise to you if you read our blog!  Some monochromatic looks are easier to pull off and put together than others.  Some colors just might make more of a statement than you want.  Navy is definitely not one of those colors!  We can say confidently that navy is a color that looks great on everyone - men, women, young, mature… even kids.  Navy is a universal hue.  It complements all skin tones and is an exceptional shade on pretty much all apparel and accessories.  It’s as universal as black and white.  And for that reason, we are featuring navy for our monochromatic style highlight. 


Pulling off a monochromatic navy look is simple.  There is a natural spectrum of navy that will reveal itself when you put several navy shades together.  Different fabrics and textures will especially highlight these characteristics.  By the same token, these differences are what gives the look character and balance.  Little details such as copper or gold buttons, or metal tone hardware on accessories, add a subtle contrast and an element of pop.  We find that the end result of a monochromatic navy look is both refined and chic.

Bring to Light

Meredith Albert

Dark jeans are like a comfy sweater.  We know exactly how we will feel when we wear them, they are our go to when we can’t decide on anything else, and they never let us down!  Light jeans are more like that one shirt you don’t want to get rid of because it’s super cute, you will wear it again, one day, but you just know it requires just a bit more thought.  

It’s true.  Dark jeans pretty much go with anything.  You can dress them up or down, and the darker color does a great job at blurring things out that we want blurred.  At least in our own eyes.  That doesn’t mean we should give up on lighter jeans! In fact, just the opposite!  Light jeans are very flattering.  They give your look a soft and feminine feel.  And they pair easily with just as many colors - it will just depend on the look you are trying to achieve.  

Light wash jeans tend to be a bit more casual.  They don’t work quite as well for a more formal event, however, you can get them dressy enough to wear to a nice dinner or night out in the town with friends.  Light wash jeans, similar to white jeans, can show everything.  So, fit and wash will make all the difference on how you will look and feel in the jeans.


Lighter colored jeans pair better with the extreme shades of the color spectrums -  either light colored tops or very dark tops.  Wearing a light colored shirt with light jeans will bring out the whiteness in the jean.  Pastel colors work great with light jeans.  The whole look is soft and feminine.  Medium colored tops do work, but we find they tend to simplify the look with neither piece standing out.  If you want more contrast, pair the light wash jeans with a bolder, darker color.  It lets each piece stand out on its own. 

There are enough light shade ranges in denim that finding the lightest hue you are most comfortable wearing isn’t hard.  Finding the perfect fit is a non-negotiable!  You can bring new life to your wardrobe by expanding your denim color collection with just a simple shade change.  Let us help you find that perfect pair!

Weekend Vibes: Florals

Meredith Albert

Florals are big this spring.  We feel like we say that every Spring.  But it is true.  It is a typical spring print.  Why?  It’s just one of those patterns that transitions easily from season to season.  It’s versatile, playful, flirty and feminine.  You can dress it up or down.  There are many color schemes and patterns to choose from.  Or it can add the perfect pop of color or statement to any outfit!  


Despite what the weather forecast is, we are ready for spring weather!  Even the buds of the trees are beginning to bloom.  Here are some floral outfit inspirations to get you in the spring mood.  Because regardless of the weather forecast, these looks will make you feel light and pretty, just like the weather should be.

To Bare or Not to Bare

Meredith Albert

The new high-waist trend that is prevalent in the fashion industry, currently, has given new life to the crop top styles of the 80s and 90s.  We are seeing crop tops worn with pants, jeans skirts, leggings and shorts of all styles and fits.  If you think you’ve outgrown this trend or don’t feel like your have the body for it… you may want to reconsider.  The key to conquering this trend is to find the right way to wear it for your body.  


First, find your comfort level with how much you are willing to bare.  Crop tops come in varying lengths from as short as the edge of your undergarment to as long as reaching your belly button.  Likewise, there are varying rises when it comes to the waist lines on pants and skirts.  Some fall below your belly button, at it, or above it.  When pairing your crop top with your bottom, you can create a combination that will allow you to show as much skin as you are comfortable baring and wearing.  If baring your belly button is not an option, wear a higher waisted jean or bottom.  If you don’t mind showing more midriff, but don’t want to look like you’re wearing a bra, opt for a crop top that is a little longer.  There are so many styles that will meet your need.  

Next, choose a crop top with a flattering silhouette and fabric.  Choose a style that has structure, and looks polished.  You’ll want to balance the style of your crop top with your bottom.  If you top is flowy or embroidered or has a busy print, keep your bottom simple and more fitted.  And vice versa.  Don’t forget, crop tops also have varying sleeve lengths and styles.  

Crop top looks can be very flattering, so play around with all options to see which styles you like best.  Whether you are tall or slim or shapely or curvy, there is a crop top look for you!

Best Dressed

Meredith Albert

  Remember those days back when you went Easter shopping with your mom, and picked out a pastel colored dress with a matching bonnet and even matching socks?  You were so excited to get all dressed up and show off your new outfit!  I’m sure when we look back at those photos we laugh, yet cherish those memories.  Easter fashion has come a long way since then.  We still look forward to wearing something new and “springy” but we are far from wearing, or forcing our kids to wear, the ensembles that were so crisp and impeccable from then.  Do we miss these times?


Well, we guess that’s a matter of a opinion.  Many of us here at Sebastian McCall still enjoy looking our best for special occasions.  Sometimes that best may include wearing jeans.  It can be done in ways that look more formal and polished, while still feeling comfortable and easy.  The point is to look your best and feel confident - whatever form that is.  For some of us, it’s a pretty dress and shoes, and for others, it may be pants or jeans and a nice blouse.  The good news is that fashion has evolved to be more inclusive of different styles for all celebrations.  There isn’t a uniform or getup that we are expected to adhere to anymore.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t dressed appropriately for the occasion.  It’s just means we’ve reinterpreted and modernized our approaches to fashion.  Remember, however you decide to dress, make it the best version of you! 

Spring Cleaning

Meredith Albert

 Spring is next week and if you haven’t already, it's time to start your spring cleaning!  We don’t mean your house… although, you should do that too.  We mean everything else - from your clothes, to your shoes, and even your beauty items!

          Let’s start with our beauty routine.  Winter weather can be harsh on our skin and hair.  The cold and dry weather leaves it dehydrated and dull.  Many of us switch the products we use during this time to ones that will give us more hydration and moisture.  Which also usually means it’s thicker in consistency and heavier on our skin.  Now that spring is around the corner and the weather is getting slightly warmer, and we mean slightly, we can swap out our heavier creams, foundations, and hair and body products for lighter ones that will provide the right amount of hydration and moisture that we’ll need for the warmer temperatures.  Change out your color schemes, too, for your lighter, brighter, and more glowing looks.  And don’t forget, this is the perfect time to trash or clean any old, overused, or unwanted items.  


 The same should be done with your wardrobes.  Make a pile of your heavy sweaters, pants, and winter shoes that are just too bulky and warm for these transitional temperatures.  Swap in your lighter weight cardigans, clothes and shoes.  Toss or donate any items that you haven’t worn in a while or don’t plan to wear again, and take inventory of what you’ll need at the same time.  

          Stores are in full, spring bloom with new merchandise so you can refresh your wardrobe and beauty products with the newest styles and trends.  When you think of spring cleaning this way, it’s not so bad after all! 

Bright Horizon

Meredith Albert

 If you are in the northeastern states in the US, you are most likely looking out your window with a huff.  Most of us in this area are in snow… and not just a little of it.  It’s very common for it to snow in March.  In fact, some of our biggest snow storms have occurred this month.  Yet still, we get a little shocked and whiny when we do get it.  You see, March is the month when the sun starts to stay out a little later - meaning when you walk out of your office building, there is daylight that you haven’t seen since the fall.  Daylight Savings Time is also this month and spring is that much closer to us.  However, you wouldn’t believe it looking out of our windows right now!  


   Don’t let this winter weather snap perturb your mood!  Do things that remind of you of warmer weather and brighter days.  Help brighten your mood by wearing a vibrant color or floral top or accessory.  Don’t indulge in typical winter comfort food - instead, fill your lunch plate with colorful, nutritious fruits and vegetables that you would normally have on a warmer, spring day.  And even though it’s a bit nippy out, bundle up and take a walk outside for some fresh air.  The good news is that we will see less and less of this colder weather and more and more of warmth and sunshine.  Get ready to brush the dust off of your trunk of spring clothes and accessories, because the horizon looks pleasant and bright!

Happy 2nd!

Meredith Albert

Happy 2 Year Anniversary Pocket Placement Blog!  The last two years have flown by.  So much has changed in fashion, yet some things have remained the same.  This past year we’ve seen some denim trends come such as the flare leg and the 80's high rise jean, while others quietly remained a staple in fashion such as the skinny jean.  


In launching this blog, we wanted to create an open space to talk about fashion and lifestyle, with an emphasis on denim.  Over the course of the first year, we focused on information -  getting you as much information on denim styles, fits, fabrics, colors and fabric weight to help you choose and find your perfect fit in jeans.  This past year, we looked at denim and it’s role in fashion.  We talked about new ways to wear denim, styling denim, how to push denim limits, and challenged some of media’s thoughts what fashion is, what it should be, or how it should be.  

This year, we want to maintain our exchange of the latest information and news in fashion as well as experiment with unique styles or fashion directions that the industry takes us.  We want to broaden your, and our, fashion perspective and knowledge.  We hope that you’ve enjoyed our dialogue over the past two years and will continue to participate with us in this conversation of fashion and lifestyle! 

Winter Home Stretch

Meredith Albert

We were given a little taste of spring this week!  Okay, maybe more like a crumb of spring weather, but it was just what we needed.  Having a warm break like that can revitalize you.  You go outside, soak in the warm weather and sun, and shed a layer of clothing you’ve been wearing on your back for the last three months.  And if you were like any of us here, you rummaged through your drawer to find the most spring-like top you could find and your light, spring jeans. 

Believe it or not, it is not too early to think of spring.  Sure, the winter home stretch can feel never-ending, but this is the time to prepare!  

Winter Home Stretch

Every year about this time, we discuss taking inventory of your closets.  We encourage you to look at what you have and what you will need and want for the warmer months ahead.  This idea is usually prompted by unexpected warm days like we’ve had.  All of a sudden, spring seems much closer than before!  We question whether we are ready.  Do we have spring clothes?  Have we scheduled our spring break vacation?  Have we eaten healthily and exercised enough to look great in our spring clothes?  The good news is spring isn’t here yet and we do have some time to prepare before the warmer weather comes and stays.  Go back and look at your ‘healthy lifestyle’ new years resolution.  Maybe give it another shot.  Start visiting stores to look at spring styles and start building your wardrobe.  The days will start getting warmer and the sun will start shining longer.  You'll want to be prepared!

Men's Fashion Forecast

Meredith Albert

When we talk about fashion week, we are often referring to women’s fashion.  There truth is, there are many more women’s fashion designers and fashion shows to cover. However, we should not overlook the men’s!  Yes, there are men’s fashion week shows that are just as trend setting and eccentric as the women's!  This season, there were some common trends between both women’s and men’s fashion.  

Bold Color and Patterns

Similar to women’s, men’s fashion is leaning towards more vivid and brighter colored clothes.  From brilliant greens and yellows to dramatic purples and reds, colors and patterns were on every fashion element you could think of - from jackets, to shoes, to pants.  Yet, even as theatrical as the shows presented the clothes, each item by itself could work into a man’s wardrobe if styled correctly.  

Jackets and Parkas

While the outerwear trend for women is trench coats, for men, technical jackets and parkas were the stars of the shows.  Styles included ones with hoods, some with varying pockets in sizes and numbers, and the discernible technical fabrics.  A few were style dressy while most were casual.  They certainly elevated the looks and were distinct in the overall looks.

Mens Fashion Forecast

Dark Jeans

There was no surprise when we saw dark denim on the runways for men.  Identical to the women’s trend, this fashion staple is popular again this year.  Although labeled differently, “Unwashed Denim” is your typical darker, unfaded jean.  In addition to the dark blue shade, we also saw dark grey and black hues in varying fits including skinny and straight styles.

Most men take a more calculated risk with fashion.  They know how to incorporate a trend, or a version of it, into their wardrobe in a way that makes a statement without looking overtly obvious.  There are enough variations in these trends where even the most simplistic and neutral attired man could adapt an element or two. 

..Violets Are Blue..

Meredith Albert

Valentine's Day is coming and you’re either really excited about it or dreading it.  It’s one of the most liked and equally disliked holidays of the year.  Why? There’s a huge expectation for the day to go a certain way, whether you’re single or in a relationship.  That pressure can take all the fun out of Valentine’s Day.

Violets Are Blue

For example, it’s okay to not wear red on Valentine’s Day.  Really.  And we don’t mean that in an anti-Valentine’s Day way. We actually love this holiday, no pun intended.  Wearing red is a nice way to show enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day, but blue jeans and a t-shirt are just fine if that’s the mood you’re in.  Dinner by candlelight at a restaurant is also nice, but not always for everyone. Maybe a candlelit bath or a good movie at home is more your style.  

The point is, Valentine’s Day is a day to do kind gestures for yourself or someone you love. Keep it simple and enjoyable.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


Meredith Albert

Monochromatic denim is also known as denim on denim styling.  A monochromatic look suggests, by its title, that all of the colors in an outfit should be the same -  but when it comes to denim, there is a lot more flexibility to pull off the look!  You’ve likely seen the look of a blue denim shirt and the same colored denim jeans.  Monochromatic denim can also be styled as a blue denim shirt with black denim jeans.  The shades of denim can vary in the look, but what should stay the same is the fabric.  

Monochromatic Denim

There are also denim accessories such as handbags, shoes and jackets that can be incorporated into the look.  Even nail polishes with a denim like finish! 

Visit Sebastian McCall Jeans to find denim jeans to complete your Monochromatic look!



Meredith Albert

Nothing annoys us more than when “they” try to dictate how we can do anything when it comes to fashion.  Are we not beyond that mind frame yet?  As we’ve said in many, if not most of our posts, fashion is and should be fun.  All fashion.  If there is one fashion item that is universally worn and loved, evolving, yet always trending, and that has no age limit, it’s denim.  We can all agree that denim is a fashion staple for everyone.  It has been for many years.  But according to a recent, controversial British study, there is a cutoff age for shopping for denim!!  WHAAAT?!  That’s a joke right?!  “They” say that shopping for denim beyond a certain age is just too difficult and not worth the hassle by that age point.  Who deemed them qualified to determine a cutoff age for anything fashion?

Limitless Denim

It can be a struggle for anyone to find a perfect jean fit, right?  No matter your age.  It is the one gripe most people have about shopping for jeans.  Moreover, there are many styles, fits and washes to choose from.  We get it, it’s not so simple.  However, to decide that there is a cutoff age for who should be buying or wearing jeans is just plain silly and ridiculous.  We cannot tell you how diverse the people who wear our jeans are!  From all ages and genders.  Our survey says, you’re wrong British study!

You know that here at Sebastian McCall Jeans, our very foundation is built on having the perfect fitting jean.  From our patented fabrics to our styles and cuts, finding your perfect fit with us is not hard.  Additionally, we are partnered with a retail store, Charlie’s Jeans, that specializes in fitting you in your perfect jean from the first pair on! 

Finding your perfect fit in jeans alone may take time.  We can help you save that time!  Visit us online or visit our retail partner.  Let us help you take hassle out of jean shopping!


Meredith Albert

Fashion Week is in full motion this month.  Fashion shows are happening all over the world, showcasing what future fashion will look like for Fall 2018.  That’s right.  We are currently in winter and they are showing what we will wear next winter.  What?!!  Seems ridiculous but believe it or not, most of the fashion industry operates this way.  In many cases, what you are shopping for in stores now was purchased by that store over six months ago.  So, while some look at fashion week as an entertainment spectacle with over the top fashions that don’t seem realistic or practical to wear, for businesses in fashion and retail, it can give important insight into colors, styles and trends they may be selling in their stores in the future.  That is not something we, as consumers, really think about when we shop.  So what can you expect to see this spring according to what was shown during Spring shows at fashion week.  

The Trending Forecast

Trench Coats

It seems the trench coat trend is staying longer…not that we are complaining.  The trench coat has morphed into something more than it’s original practical purpose.   It is being worn as a dress or as an accessory to an outfit.  While the khaki color still plays a prominent role in the look, designers have added embellishments and embroidery or used varying khaki colored fabrics to upgrade the simplistic look.  

Dark Denim

You know that here, at Pocket Placement, denim never goes out of style.  Even as certain trends, according to the industry, come and go.  This spring, expect to see a lot more dark denim.  The very dark, indigo kind.  You will see that denim looks are more tailored with styles including denim blazers, denim shirts and denim trousers.  Visit Sebastian McCall Jeans to find your pair!


The industry has hinted that colors will be big for spring with the announcement of Ultra Violet as the Pantone color of the year.  Expect to see many beautiful colors in stores this season and the spectrum is broad.  You will see bright colors and saturated hues as well as soft, pastel colors - think gelato shades.   

As we’ve said before, trends should be seen as a fun interpretation of clothing.  Whether certain trends fit your style or not, it’s nice to see an alternative vision of fashion that we might not have considered before.  You might find a way to incorporate a new trend while still staying true to your personal style.  


Meredith Albert

Winter can take a toll on your mind and body.  It’s cold, darker and gloomier.  Even warmer winter days can still feel too cold.  Yet, we can’t let it get the better of us.  There are some things we can do now to try and uplift ourselves from the gloom.

Making it Through Winter

For your mind…

Since we are stuck in our houses much longer than normal because of the cold weather, this is the perfect opportunity to get some reading done.  Go pick up some books you’ve been wanting to read.  Fiction, non-fiction, self-help or even cooking books - any type, to just get your mind working and thinking.  Many of us usually start the new year with goals we want to achieve.  Why not read up on and plan out how you can work to accomplish those goals?!  This is also perfect time to take inventory of your wardrobe for the winter transition season.  Spring will be here soon, hopefully, and you’ll want to know what you have and what you’ll need to get.  Magazines, either print or online, and brand websites are a great way to get inspiration on new fashions and styles you may want to add to your collection.  

For your body…

New year, new you!  You are eating healthier and in your second week of your new exercise regimen, ahem, right?  No judgement here.  We understand it’s hard to stick to a plan, no matter how much you try.  Don’t beat yourself up about it.  Try to not be so hard on yourself or take yourself too seriously.  If you screw up, try to do better the next time.  Had pizza for lunch, eat better for dinner.  Couldn’t wake up for an exercise appointment this morning, take a brisk walk for lunch.  Don't throw your hands up after a slip-up, just get back on track.  

It’s not about the misstep, it’s how you adjust or change going forward.  Sunnier and warmer days are coming.  Let's be prepared!