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Pack Your Bags!

Meredith Albert

Schools are not even all out, yet we know several friends and family members that have already begun their summer vacations.  We desperately wish we were there.  It got us thinking, if we could join them on vacation tomorrow, what we would throw in our bags quickly to cover what we need in addition to the travel basics.


White Jeans

This is by far our favorite, summer denim staple. Chic, sexy, edgy, and flattering are just some of the ways to describe how white jeans look as part of an outfit.  You can literally pair them with any color or accessory and they look great.



For a quick, playful look, rompers are the items to bring. It’s an all in one outfit that is comfortable and stylish.  Styles that are more structured and solid in colors can be dressed up, while ones with prints and more flowy fabrics are perfect for the daytime.


Fun Dress for the Evening

We always, for every trip, pack a fun evening dress.  We never know where the nights will take us!  Bring a simple dress in a pop of color, or a detailed dress in a neutral color.  Anything usually goes for a late night in the town, but looking cute is a must.