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Spring Break

Meredith Albert

If you are lucky, you probably have recently gone on, or are planning a spring break trip.  The best part of spring break trips is they are usually relaxing trips.  You go somewhere warm, find a nice spot on the beach, and plop yourself down on a blanket where you don’t get up again unless you are going to eat or get in the water.  It’s a nice break from the cold weather, from school and work, and from the bustle of everyday activities.  Since you’re not doing much touring or sightseeing, you don’t need to overthink what you will take to wear.  Besides your bathing suit and pajamas, here are some easy items that you can interchange from day to night, no matter what your plans are for the day!


Flowy Dresses

This is an all in one, perfect item to take.  Flowy dresses can be dressed up or down, can be worn with sneakers or sandals, and don’t require much ironing, if any at all, after being unpacked.  You can even throw it over your swimsuit if you’re in a pinch.  They are light to pack and don’t take up much room in your luggage. 


Light Jeans

We almost always bring a pair of jeans whenever and wherever we travel.  You just never know if you’ll need them.  Chances are, you’ll get a lot of use out of them.  Light jeans are a perfect jean to take on vacation.  They are usually a lighter weight in fabric and finding a pair with distress or panels makes them more interesting and fun.  They are a playful jean color and while we don’t often think of them as being as dressy as darker jeans, a blazer and heels can take them farther than you think!


Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are a wide leg trouser that usually flare out starting at the hip.  They come in a variety of fabrics with some of the most popular being a stretchy, jersey fabric.  You’ll often find this pant style in a variety of prints and colors. The best thing about these pants is they don’t require ironing.  Just like all the items mentioned above, these can be dressed up or down.  They pack easily and take up no room in the suitcase. These pants actually would be the perfect airport outfit... stylish yet comfy!

Hope you enjoy your destination!