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Happy 2nd!

Meredith Albert

Happy 2 Year Anniversary Pocket Placement Blog!  The last two years have flown by.  So much has changed in fashion, yet some things have remained the same.  This past year we’ve seen some denim trends come such as the flare leg and the 80's high rise jean, while others quietly remained a staple in fashion such as the skinny jean.  


In launching this blog, we wanted to create an open space to talk about fashion and lifestyle, with an emphasis on denim.  Over the course of the first year, we focused on information -  getting you as much information on denim styles, fits, fabrics, colors and fabric weight to help you choose and find your perfect fit in jeans.  This past year, we looked at denim and it’s role in fashion.  We talked about new ways to wear denim, styling denim, how to push denim limits, and challenged some of media’s thoughts what fashion is, what it should be, or how it should be.  

This year, we want to maintain our exchange of the latest information and news in fashion as well as experiment with unique styles or fashion directions that the industry takes us.  We want to broaden your, and our, fashion perspective and knowledge.  We hope that you’ve enjoyed our dialogue over the past two years and will continue to participate with us in this conversation of fashion and lifestyle!