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Happy Easter

Meredith Albert


Easter is one of the first, family holidays of the year for many.  You may have been busy getting the perfect outfits and Easter basket goodies for your little ones.  If you’ve forgotten to get something for yourself, don’t fret.  A simple clothing item such as a bright spring colored pant or jacket, a flower scarf, or flowy white blouse will serve just fine for the day.  Whether you’re headed out to brunch or to a family dinner, keep your outfit colorful, simple and sweet.  We hope you enjoy the day and time with your family and friends.


Happy Easter!

Spring Break

Meredith Albert

If you are lucky, you probably have recently gone on, or are planning a spring break trip.  The best part of spring break trips is they are usually relaxing trips.  You go somewhere warm, find a nice spot on the beach, and plop yourself down on a blanket where you don’t get up again unless you are going to eat or get in the water.  It’s a nice break from the cold weather, from school and work, and from the bustle of everyday activities.  Since you’re not doing much touring or sightseeing, you don’t need to overthink what you will take to wear.  Besides your bathing suit and pajamas, here are some easy items that you can interchange from day to night, no matter what your plans are for the day!


Flowy Dresses

This is an all in one, perfect item to take.  Flowy dresses can be dressed up or down, can be worn with sneakers or sandals, and don’t require much ironing, if any at all, after being unpacked.  You can even throw it over your swimsuit if you’re in a pinch.  They are light to pack and don’t take up much room in your luggage. 


Light Jeans

We almost always bring a pair of jeans whenever and wherever we travel.  You just never know if you’ll need them.  Chances are, you’ll get a lot of use out of them.  Light jeans are a perfect jean to take on vacation.  They are usually a lighter weight in fabric and finding a pair with distress or panels makes them more interesting and fun.  They are a playful jean color and while we don’t often think of them as being as dressy as darker jeans, a blazer and heels can take them farther than you think!


Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are a wide leg trouser that usually flare out starting at the hip.  They come in a variety of fabrics with some of the most popular being a stretchy, jersey fabric.  You’ll often find this pant style in a variety of prints and colors. The best thing about these pants is they don’t require ironing.  Just like all the items mentioned above, these can be dressed up or down.  They pack easily and take up no room in the suitcase. These pants actually would be the perfect airport outfit... stylish yet comfy!

Hope you enjoy your destination!  

Just Wash Your Jeans

Meredith Albert

It’s not a debate.  It’s not a right or wrong.  It’s a preference.  One that we talked about before and we don’t mind addressing again since it was recently in the news.  Can you wash your jeans?  Yes.  Should you wash your jeans?  Yes.  How often?  That will depend.  This is where the personal preferences comes in.  Jeans, a good pair of jeans, are one of the most durable pieces of clothing we own.  They withstand a lot more usage and wear than anything else in our closet.  A  good number of folks wear jeans for work, however, most of us wear them casually and fashionably.  When we buy a pair of jeans, we want them to fit great and look nice.  We want that perfect fit and look each time we wear them.  Washing your jeans the right way will ensure that.


To preserve the color of your jeans, wash them in cold water.  Warm water causes darker dyes to bleed out more.  Cold water ensures that darker or black colors last longer.  You can even use detergents that are formulated to help keep darker colors dark.  Also, wash your jeans inside out.  This will help reduce color loss and protect the fabric and metal details of your jeans.  Finally, don’t dry your jeans in a dryer.  Hang them up to dry.  Dryers can shrink jeans, fade colors, and distort the fit if they are weaved with fabrics other than cotton such as elastane or spandex.  Some people think that drying jeans with get them back to their original shape and this is not always true.  Merely washing them in cold water will help reshape the jeans.

The question that remains is, how often should you wash your jeans?   Most people can get away with washing their jeans after several uses.  They aren’t really wearing their jeans for hard labor or strenuous activities. However, if you wear your jeans frequently and they are exposed to bacteria or are soiled with wear, wash them.  You don’t want to risk smelling badly or giving yourself a rash.  To minimize washing, hang your jeans after each wear.  This gives them a chance to air out between uses and reduces any smells or germ buildup that can occur if not properly ventilated.  Following the steps above will help prolong the life, the look, and the fit of your jeans.

Online Jean Shopping

Meredith Albert

If you’re like most of us, you’re an online shopper.  It’s hard not to be in this day and age.  A single click of a button from your phone or computer will get you nearly anything and everything you need delivered to your doorstep.  Convenience at its prime.  However, the least appealing part of online shopping is returns.  The time, the money, and the hassle of returning items is just straight up annoying, for both consumers and businesses, believe it or not. Some products are very easy to buy online.  They don’t require measurements or precise fit. Many accessories, beauty products, apparel items, and even home goods can fall into the category of easy items to buy online.  On the other hand, there are items such some shoes, formal wear, and especially jeans that are less easier to pick online because fit is essential to the product working and looking good.  Informing yourself with the most information as possible will make the process of online shopping and getting the right product a lot easier.  Here are some tips for jean shopping online. 


First, Know Your Size

Well, duh, right?  We don’t mean the typical sizes that you would choose in stores like size four, six or ten or small, medium, and large.  We mean it’s also helpful to know your size in inches as well.  Especially, when it comes to jeans. Many times, online items will list the width, height and weight of an item so that the consumer knows the exact size of that specific product.  You see, it is widely known that one size from one company does not usually mean you will be that same size in another.  Take a tape measure and measure the area of your body for which you are purchasing a product for.  Match that as closely as possible to the size that they recommend based on the measurements.   


When you are unsure of an online product and want to get it right, give a call to the customer service team. They can usually help with details that may not be given online., such as color or fabric or style. If there is a retail location for the the brand or store you are shopping online at near you, give the local store a call. More often than not, they will be knowledgeable about what you’re looking for and may give you the exact information you need to decide on your online purchase. 

Visit Physical Retail Location 

We get it, the point of online shopping is to avoid going to the store. However, for your peace of mind, and to save yourself time and money making a return, sometimes it’s just better to buy in store. There are some items that are difficult to buy in person, let alone online… Jeans being one of them!  Why not get it right the first time with the help of a store associate who can provide you with knowledge and support?  Not every item you want requires this attention. However, it’s usually the items you want most that do!

Spring Prep

Meredith Albert

Fashion isn’t the only spring prep we are working on. We are also making transitions in our homes and to the products we use on our bodies.  With warmer and brighter days ahead, we want to make sure that we adapt and switch out things for ourselves and our home to prepare for spring.



One of the first things we do is lighten things up around the house. We bring out our lighter colored throws, pillows, dish towels, vases, and home accessories that instantly bring life into our houses. Pick a color theme and try to incorporate it in most areas of your home. These items typically don’t cost a lot of money, can add pop of color to the home, and are easily interchangeable season to season. 


Winter is taxing on our skin. The dry air leaves us our skin itchy, chapped and dull.  We spend our time and money trying to rehydrate it.  As the weather gets warmer, there’s more moisture in the air and our skin goes back to slightly normal.  Now is the time to adjust the daily creams we use for our face and body - usually from a heavier type of cream to a lighter lotion.  It’s also common to switch up the scents we wear.  Fresh and floral scents are popular for the season.  Spring time is also the perfect way to introduce warmer and brighter colors into our makeup routines. Sometimes a brighter lip hue can liven your look and your mood too! 


We’ve all been hard at work in the gym getting ready for summer.  As the weather breaks, we can switch it up, or incorporate outdoor exercises and activities to our routines.  Anytime we can do a fun outdoor activity like bike riding or playing tennis, we’ll take that form of exercise any day over the gym!  Remember, the sun gives our bodies the Vitamin D it needs to keep our bones strong and our minds even stronger. 

Bring it on, Spring! We're ready for you!

Spring Start Up

Meredith Albert

We are starting Spring early.  We can’t wait any longer!  We are ready to brighten our mood and looks. We are highlighting four must have items to start your spring wardrobe.  Build on these throughout the season and by the end, you’ll have a complete collection. For now, these are the items you should start with!

White Jeans 

This is a no brainer.  It is a spring and summer staple. It goes with everything and can be dressed up or down. These Sebastian McCall white jeans give you the coverage you need, where you need it.  The only thing they will show is your amazing figure. 

Fun Pants 

You should always have a fun pair of pants in your closet. It will liven up any outfit and can actually be more versatile than you think. This striped pair here, can be dressed up with a wedge heel or worn casually with a pair of chucks. Choose a pant that is comfortable and neutral in color tone and you’ll be amazed at how much versatility it will add to your wardrobe. 

SimpleSexy Black Top.

Yes, black is part of our spring wardrobe recommendation.  However, we are keeping it light and simple with this sleeveless top. This shirt transitions easily from a work top to a sexy, evening top. Just throw a blazer over it during the day. Then, remove your jacket and add a pop of color to your lips for happy hour with your girls after work.  

Dark Jeans

I mean, are these not the staple of every season?!  Also a no brainer, dark blue jeans are...everything for everywhere. No thought or planning required.  The only thing you’ll need to choose is from the endless possibilities of shoes that go with this style!


You may have some of these things already or you may need to update the ones you have. Either way, get into the Spring spirit one wardrobe item at a time. 

Happy 3rd!

Meredith Albert

 Pocket Placement Blog has reached another year!  We are very proud and happy to have reached this milestone.  This platform has been a fun outlet for us to share, exchange and learn about fashion.  This year, we will highlight some of the most memorable fashions of 2018.  


 2018 was all about throwbacks.  The 80’s and 90’s decades had a huge influence on the direction of fashion this year.  Throwback styles like mom jeans, dad sneakers, biker shorts and fanny packs were showcased on runways and in stores from everyday brands to high end designers.  All nostalgic and representative of that era.  

     We also saw the use of unique materials, besides your typical cotton, silk or spandex fabrics, incorporated into everyday fashion.  Materials like plastic, vinyl and PVC were designed into shoes, jeans, jackets and handbags.  We also saw a surge in sustainable fashion.  The number of new sustainable brands was at it’s highest ever and we witnessed established brands move more towards sustainability, whether it was through materials they used or the way they manufactured their merchandise. 

     The most memorable 2018 fashions came to us through social media.  Viral fashion moments stood out the most, this year, sometimes even breaking the internet.  From the model wearing seven layers of coats on the runway, to the extremely over-sized puffy coats, to the ill-fitting slides an infamous celebrity wore to a wedding.  All were an exaggerated form fashion representing art and offering a little entertainment, for some.  These fashion moments were brilliant campaigns to increase brand awareness and conversation.

     Nonetheless, fashion is a form of self expression.  We welcome all forms of it and choose to wear those that represent us best.  We’ve always felt protective over the right to choose and wear what you want and how you want to.  Fashion is fun and should always be.  We hope that you have enjoyed the interaction and content as mush as we have.  We look forward to another great year!!!

Bright Outlook

Meredith Albert

It’s hard to think warm thoughts right now. Especially when there are faint remnants of snow on the ground. However, believe it or not, spring is officially less than a month away.  New Years resolutions may feel like a forgone thought or goal, however, there is still time to work towards those objectives you were hoping to accomplish by the spring.  

It’s not too late to revisit that fitness routine you started the year doing. You can still invest time and money in things you really want and need as opposed to just having. Start planning that trip you promised yourself you’d take this year.  As quickly as 2018 went, don’t let this year slip by without working towards and achieving your goals.  Even the small accomplishments count as a win. The outlook is still young and bright.  

Spring Trends for Men

Meredith Albert

February is the month that spring fashion trends start hitting the stores.  Even if the weather isn’t cooperating, the spring fashion season is still moving forward.  Here are some mens’ trends you may see as you shop.

Color: Sage

There were variations of the color green highlighted on the runway, from lime green to dark army green.  However, Sage, a greyish green, was more prominently featured in both lighter and darker hues from pants to tops to jackets.  Similar to most neutral shades, Sage pairs well with many other colors and looks great on everyone.  Don’t be surprised if you see Sage throughout summer and even into fall.

Denim: Dark or Black

Dark denim is still seems to be the color choice of men for jeans.  It was popular last spring and this spring, that is the case again.  It’s no surprise why.  Dark jeans are very universal and versatile.  They pair well with most clothing and will work for almost every occasion.  It’s our most popular color among men of all ages.  In the spring mix, black is also trending.  We’re pretty sure this isn’t so much a trend, since black never goes out of style, as much as it is an alternative to a dark blue jean.

Accessory: Sling Bags

If you’ve paid a snippet of attention to men in magazines or on TV, or even in celebrity photos, you may have seen them wearing some sort of cross body bag.  Think messenger style bag except in varying sizes and shapes.  The sling bag is a practical accessory for men who are looking for a stylish and trendy alternative to the typical backpack.  Some are small enough to fit a wallet and phone while other can fit sketch pads or laptops.

Most of these trends are very wearable and already likely in your closet in some form.  If not, considering incorporating one or two this season.

Something Sweet

Meredith Albert

Valentine's Day is here!  It's nice to have this holiday come up while in the midst of winter drabness.  It brings a little warmth to our hearts and our focus can finally shift to something other than the weather.  People's opinion of this holiday can be polarizing but in all essence, there is a way for everyone to enjoy Valentine's Day without feeling like they have to meet the typical expectation of the day.  Whether or not you have plans, you can still participate in the spirit of this sweet day.  

That can mean meeting some friends for a cup of coffee before work.  Grabbing lunch with a co-worker.  Or planning a special dinner menu for your loved ones.  You can celebrate it simply by wearing something special or red, treating yourself to something sweet or catching that movie you've been wanting to see.  It's great to have company but there is also nothing wrong with spending the day catering to yourself.  Instead of waiting for plans to happen to you, take charge of the day and turn it into what you want it to be.  

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Revitalize Ourselves

Meredith Albert

At this point during winter, the harsh weather elements can take a toll on us.  The lack of sunny days, the cold dry air and the lack of social events on our calendar can make our minds and spirits feel…blah.  For the last couple of weeks, we’ve talked about how we can revamp and revitalize our fashion.  Now, we’ll talk about what we can do to revitalize ourselves.  Here are some ways to take care of and treat yourself.

One way to revitalize your mind and body is with a massage. Our skin dries out because of the cold dry air,  our bodies ache from the tenseness of trying to keep warm and the lack of sunny days can make us feel cranky and drained.  A massage can do wonders to help. It relaxes our bodies.  The quiet from all of the noise will give our brains a rest.  The environment filled with calming aromas and tranquil music forces us to slow down and take a deep breath.  We will instantly feel less stressed and tense.  If you can’t get to a spa, you can create a similar environment in your home with candles, relaxing music, a long hot bath and a great sheet mask.  

Next, treat yourself to something that will make you feel good.  A kind gesture to yourself may be just what you need to get though the week or day.  That could be treating yourself to a great fitting pair of Sebastian McCall Jeans, a fancy dinner with your girls, a box of Godiva chocolate covered strawberries all to yourself or even a day where you forego all obligations and just sit on the couch and read.  Whatever will bring you happiness for that moment, do it.  It’s worth the investment.

Finally, connect with someone.  The cold weather forces us to take refuge inside our homes.  We don’t get to socialize as much.  Sometimes a good laugh with friends and family is just what we need to lift our spirits and bring life back into the gloom.  Host a game night, throw a Galentine’s brunch or participate in a book club.  Chances are, you aren’t the only one feeling like they need to be invigorated.  

Creative Space

Meredith Albert

It’s still January and a long way from spring.  The weather hasn’t been too terribly cold or snowy but it has also been grey and moody.  Routine is what is getting us through our days.  Some of us have adapted a new routine because of workout or lifestyle goals we are trying to achieve.  While the rest of us are hunkered in our homes, Marie Kondoing the heck out of our house.  In either case, we are trying to look forward…preparing for brighter and warmer days.

As you prepare, this is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your style.  Whether you are reshaping your body or decluttering your home, now is the time to look for inspiration that you can incorporate into your current style to bring newness and freshness.  Draw inspiration from what you see driving through a neighborhood, what you read in books and what stands out to you as you flip through in magazines.  It could be a new throw rug for your living space, a bright colored spring jacket or a commitment to try a new restaurant every month.  Routines are necessary but can become mundane.  Create a space for you to switch out, add to or experiment with things outside of your comfort zone.  Just a little outside.  

Spring Jean Trends

Meredith Albert

Jeans are all the buzz for Spring.  There has been a lot of press on styles and fits that are hot for the season.  Here’s the thing, of course jeans never went out of style.  It’s just other trends have been at the forefront of fashion.  Styles like athleisure wear and trousers became the latest trends to have.  So it’s no surprise that jeans would be revisited again as the next trend to have.  It’s always the item to have each season…whether or not it gets all of the press that other trends may get.  The fact is, jeans are a staple.  Most people have a pair and most people wear them and right now, there is a renewed interest in certain fits and body styles.  In fact, some of the Spring jean trends may look familiar to you.  You may even have them in your closet already.  Here are two styles that we think you’ll want to consider re-wearing again. 

Low-Rise Jeans

Eek!!!  Not low-rise again?!  Yes, low-rise jeans are coming back.  However, not the low-rise we once knew.  These low-rise jeans are not as low as before.  You know, the ones that were barely hanging on to the waist, where you had to practically maintain an upright position or risk exposing something personal.  No, the rise of these jeans fall about an inch below the belly button and are made with fabrics with much more stretch than previous versions had.  The fabric makes all the difference in how these jeans fit, feel and flatter the body.  If low-rise is not an option for you, mid-rise will be your best bet.  Mid-rise jeans fall right below the belly button, so they cover more of your lower belly offering support and giving shape to your hips. 

Boot Cut Jeans

Boot cut jeans were probably the most popular jean fit when the premium denim explosion happened.  Partly because it dressed up a clothing item that was once often thought of and worn more like sweatpants.  Boot cut jeans fit slimming in the leg from the hip to the knee and then there is a slight flare from knee to ankle.  The flare, was in essence, meant to go over, as the name suggests, a boot.  It’s a style that became less popular as straight and skinny styles became more trendy.  It’s a very flattering jean fit and usually looks best when worn with heels. 

There are other styles like straight jeans and wider leg jeans that are also popular for this spring.  The renewed interest in these styles doesn’t mean skinny jeans and high rise jeans are out.  They are just additional options to consider when you want to broaden or revamp your wardrobe.   

Resort Wear

Meredith Albert

Winter is not our favorite season.  There, we said it.  Sure, snow is pretty.  Of course, we love the holidays.  We also can’t deny the fun fashion that comes out in winter like coats and hats and scarves and boots.  However, we get over it pretty quickly when the cold seems unbearable.  It hasn’t even been that bad, yet just one freezing day feels like too long.  Spring is nowhere on the horizon but that doesn’t mean we can’t take our minds there.  We know most of us are dreaming of and drooling over images with brighter and warmer climates.   Lucky folks get to go on a winter getaway to somewhere warm. 

There’s actually a fashion term for clothing specifically targeted to those folks that go on a warm vacation right before, during or right after the holiday – it’s called Resort Wear.  These are collections, or wardrobe capsules, created by brands, specifically designed for those who will need warm weather clothes in the winter.  That’s why you may see bathing suits and summery types of clothes in stores and in malls during the winter.  Stores are not trying to push summer way too soon.  They are simply offering a few, new fashion pieces that you can pick up for your vacation so you don’t have to dig deep and haul out your summer clothes bin for your quick getaway. 

Even if you are not planning on going away, the Resort Wear collections can actually be fun.  They are usually filled with colorful prints, bold designs and diverse silhouettes.  Not everything is shorts and floral summer dresses.  You’ll often find standout pieces for special dinners or nights out on the town.  Many of the items will work for spring, summer and fall.  These collections usually don’t last long in stores.  So it may be worth taking a look as them while you’re out shopping.  You may find styles you’ll really like to add to your wardrobe.  At the very least, maybe just the thought of warmer weather clothes will warm you up a bit.  Wishful thinking?!

New Normal

Meredith Albert

We’ve over-shopped, over-eaten and over-slept through the holidays.  All in good fun and all for a good reason.  Now, we get back to normal.  But not just any normal - a normal filled with new goals, new plans and a new outlook on the year ahead of us.  The potential is there, we just need to harness it!  Even if it means that it will be, or look, different than it was before.  


Sebastian McCall Jeans is looking forward to another great year.  We’ve learned that even with the evolving fashion industry and expanding ways people can shop for clothes, everyone still wants great service, especially when it comes to shopping for jeans.  This year, we will continue to focus on bringing you the best service and the best products.  It’s what you know us for and it’s what we do best.  Here’s to a great looking and fitting 2019!

Happy 2019!

Meredith Albert

There are years that are transitional years, growing years, painful years, milestone years, and maybe little of everything.  The beauty of a new year is that you can begin again, start over or make the next one even better and grow from what you’ve learned.  It’s the journeys in life that we most remember and cherish…who we were with, what we were doing and where we went. 


We wish for you that 2019 is everything you want it to be.  That every goal you set you accomplish, that every milestone you reach for is met and that every wish you hope for you receive.  And that through it all, you never forget of the journey.  Thank you 2018 and to you all for being on this journey with us.  We look forward to where it will take us next!!

Pantone 2019 Color - Living Coral

Meredith Albert

There was Rose Quartz and Serenity, Greenery then Ultra Violet, and now there is Living Coral.  Pantone, a company that specializes in pigments and ink colors, has released its 2019 color of the year – Living Coral. Describe by Pantone as a “coral hue with golden undertone[s]”, this color was chosen for its lively, yet soft hue.  Coral is not a new color in terms of existence.  Many of us have seen this color in nature or even have a version of this color somewhere in our closet or our home.  The color of the year is simply a color that Pantone chooses to represent a snapshot of their observations of our culture and current events.


Pantone believes that Living Coral represents our playful nature.  It’s vibrant and energizing, yet is rooted in warmth and nature.  It’s a lively color, yet not overwhelming.  You can bet that you will be seeing this color expressed in fashion and in design, if you haven’t already.  It’s a pretty color and its undertone allows for dynamic color combinations.  In fact, with the color of the year, Pantone also issues color palette combinations to show how Living Coral can be incorporated into your design or fashion choices. 

All of this should be taken as merely lighthearted information. Think of Living Coral as a new color to explore if you haven’t already.  After long, dull winters, this may be the color to liven up your spirit for the spring!  Remember, fashion is meant to be fun and playful!

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays 2018!

Meredith Albert

Happy Holidays!!!  We’ve made it.  While there is still some time left for last minute gift shopping and preparations, hopefully the bulk of it is complete.  The lights are on the tree with gifts piling underneath, and accommodations are being prepared for families and friends that are coming.  It seems the ball has been rolling and we haven’t had a chance, until now, to do some year-end reflections.

Oh, what a year it has been!  So many changes in life and in business.  Through it all, we’ve been grateful for the lessons and experiences.  Change is good, even if it’s different.  It’s growth.  It’s movement forward.  We are thankful for your support over the years as we have evolved into a better brand and company.  We will always work hard to bring you the best in fashion and style.


From everyone at Sebastian McCall Jeans and Charlie’s Jeans, we wish you a very happy, safe, and warm Holiday!!!

20 Years!

Meredith Albert


This year marks a special year for Charlie’s Jeans… it is our 20th Anniversary!  Yesterday, December 6th , marked the official 20th year.   As you know, Charlie’s Jeans is the official retail location for Sebastian McCall Jeans.  However, before there were Sebastian McCall Jeans, Charlie’s Jeans was a retail store of mostly women’s and men’s dress and work clothing.  As the industry evolved into denim, so did Charlie’s Jeans.  Our jean selection and fitting service popularity grew.  It was through interaction with our customers that we were able to see what our customers were looking for in jeans and how they wanted them to fit. From this, we created Sebastian McCall Jeans. 

Since then, Charlie’s Jeans has been fitting women and men in their perfect fitting Sebastian McCall Jeans.  What began as a little boutique in the Northern Liberties neighborhood, grew to become Philadelphia’s ultimate denim store.  Our location in Old City has been our home for nearly 20 years.  At Charlie’s Jeans, we service our customers, helping them find exactly what they need and want in jeans.  We fit you in your perfect Sebastian McCall Jeans, from the first pair on.  We have strived to provide you with premium products and excellent customer service. 

We thank you for your support and patronage through all of these years. 

Happy 20th Anniversary, Charlie’s Jeans.   

Gifts for Men

Meredith Albert

Last week, we helped you check off some of the women on your holiday gift list.  This week, we will focus on men.  If you are looking for a gift other than your typical sweater, cologne, flannel PJs, dress shirt or tie for your brother, husband or father...  jeans may be it!  Men’s jeans have come a long way in fit and style from what they used to be.  If the man/men in your life are still stuck wearing an outdated jean that doesn’t do much for their look, upgrade their jeans this holiday season!  We don’t expect them to start wearing trendy skinny jeans or distressed jeans right away.  However, you can ease them into a more contemporary styles such as the Sebastian McCall straight leg jean.


This jean fit is a more modern cut of the “classic fit” that has been the most popular and universal fit in men’s jeans across many standard brands.  Unlike the “classic fit,” the straight leg jean fits more tailored to the body.  It has the same width of leg from the thigh to the ankle and does not taper at the ankle like the skinny jean.  Men love this fit of jean because it provides the ultimate in comfort without sacrificing style.  They like that it looks modern, yet not too trendy.  It’s essentially an updated “classic” jean.


We get it, it’s not always easy finding the perfect gift.  This is one way you can update something he already loves to wear!  

Happy Holiday Season!